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    Auntie's Groves Preserves logo

    Auntie's Groves Preserves

    Aunties Grove Preserves has been a vendor at the Cambridge Farmers' Market since 2008. They produce delicious homemade jams, relishes, and preserves. Esther and her staff have something for everyone, from maple candies and syrup to pickled vegetables.  
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    Bittersweettart logo


    bittersweettart  is a small batch from scratch wholesale baker and caterer in the business of creating pleasure one bite at a time. bittersweettart takes pride in crafting tarts, tray goods and treats that look good and taste even better using traditional methods, quality ingredients, a light hand, and lots of love. bittersweettart fare features puckeringly tart lemon and lime curds, mellow caramel, sumptuous  chocolate ganaches, silky pastry creams, marvelous meringues, and preserves made in her studio kitchen from Lindt and Callebaut chocolate, sweet unsalted butter, cream, whole milk, cane sugar, nuts, berries, hand pressed citrus juice, locally sourced farm fresh eggs, and seasonal fruit. Our products contain no transfats, added preservatives, or artificial flavouring.
    British Baked Goods logo

    British Baked Goods

    British Baked Goods is Ontario's largest family-owned British Bakery. They are located out of Simcoe, Ontario and have been operating for 27 years. The bakery runs at many markets across Ontario, as well as at fall fairs and highland games. They feature 12 lines of delicious baked goods as well as a special gluten-free selection.
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    Burke Brothers Farm logo

    Burke Brothers Farm

    Burke Brothers Farm of Wilsonville has been happily involved with the Market for the past 21 years. Allan and Brian Burke pride themselves on selling locally grown vegetables. They offer a wide range of varieties so you can find the ones you like best!
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    Carl's Choice Meats logo

    Carl's Choice Meats

    Carl's Choice Meats of Brantford has been operating at the Cambridge Farmers' Market for more than 20 years. They sell fresh beef, pork, poultry and cheese. They have award-winning bacon, ham and kielbasa. You have to check out their counter, winner of best-looking market counter in Ontario!  
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    Carole's Homemade Baking logo

    Carole's Homemade Baking

      Do you like good, homemade baking, just like mom used to make? Come get regular, sugar-free and gluten-free varieties that are freshly baked every Friday – just for you! Carole has always enjoyed baking and has been with the Cambridge Farmers’ Market for over 20 years! Everything is always made from scratch in a nut-free kitchen in Preston. Carole's Homemade Baking offers butter tarts with and without raisins, coconut-raspberry tarts and many other assorted flavors as well. Carole’s also offers delicious cakes, muffins and gourmet pies (you can call to pre-order your favourite pie combinations). Don’t forget to check out our catering services, we offer sandwich, fruit, vegetable, assorted meat, cheese, cracker and dip trays.        
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    Caudle's Catch logo

    Caudle's Catch

    Caudle's Catch is the Region's premier purveyor of fresh, frozen and live seafood. Caudle’s Catch Seafood imports product from around the world, including the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand, and of course Canada. The east coast of Canada remains the most popular place for Caudle’s Catch to import products from, with favourites such as Atlantic salmon, cod, haddock, oysters, mussels and lobster. From the Great Lakes, Caudle’s brings in pickerel, lake trout, and white fish fillets. As a wholesaler, Caudle’s Catch Seafood distributes over 20,000 pounds of fresh and frozen seafood to stores and restaurants across Canada each week from their 14,000 square foot facility on Otonabee Drive in Kitchener. In addition, they recently expanded their retail operations to meet the demand of a growing and loyal customer base. Through their 3,000 square foot seafood superstore, and locations inside Vincenzo’s in Waterloo, plus the St. Jacobs and Kitchener Markets, Caudle’s Catch Seafood can deliver a broader range of products directly to their customers, at the best price.
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    Charlie's Deli logo

    Charlie's Deli

    Charlie’s Deli is owned and operated by a father and son team who proudly sell a variety of cheeses, deli and produce for your tasty enjoyment. This family team offers cheeses ranging from basic cheddar to rich creamy cheese such as Stilton and Goat Cheese, as well as a great selection of fruits, lettuce, and oils (olive and balsamic). Charlie’s Deli is also proud to offer dried goods which have been sourced locally for your specialty needs. Come visit Charlie’s Deli in the Cambridge Farmers’ Market and see for yourself how quality makes a difference.
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    Code For Creations logo

    Code For Creations

    We are a new and growing business in the KW region. We create handmade products that are sewn with love and quality. 
    Create By B  logo

    Create By B

    Beach and Boho inspired jewelry for active lifestyles. I handmake each piece in my collection.  It all started with Linhista - Waxed polyester thread - braceletes that can be layed or worn alone. They are very light and comfortable, every-day wear resistant and waterproof. The knot closure is ajustable - simply to pull on the thread to open or close the bracelet. This type of closure allows the strap to adjust to any wrist size. I have begun also creating beautiful dainty 16K rosegold and gold pendent necklaces which are the perfect choice for someone with sensitive skin. They are also an easy and affordable way to add a sophisticated look to your wardrobe. 
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