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    52 Harvest

    I am looking at starting a microgreen growing operation to help provide the community with good quality, local, and healthy food options.  Microgreens are quick and far less resource intensive than conventional farming methods.  Yet they also hold a variety of essential nutrients, despite their short growing time and unconventional growing system.  Microgreens are most commonly used as garnishes for salads, ingredients in smoothies, or even as a small healthy snack.
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    Accessories By Paris

    Hi there, I'm Alisha!  I handmake accessories, jewelry, and candles from resin.  This is my first market so I hope you will stop by and see all that I have to offer.
    Auntie's Groves Preserves logo

    Auntie's Groves Preserves

    Aunties Grove Preserves has been a vendor at the Cambridge Farmers' Market since 2008. They produce delicious homemade jams, relishes, and preserves. Esther and her staff have something for everyone, from maple candies and syrup to pickled vegetables. Local Maple Syrup, Maple Cadies, and Maple Butter when in season. Buckwheat Honey, Local Wildflower Honey, Home Canned Peaches, Sweet Cherries, Homemade Relishes, Sauerkraut, Pickled Asperagus, Baby Corn, Applebutter, Jams with no added sugar, Maple Jams, Horseraddish, Habanero Maple Mustard and Honey Mustard.   
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    Bites and Delights Bakery

    Bites and Delights Bakery is a small, locally owned bakery nearing its first birthday.  Its founder, Clare, has been baking alongside family since she was tall enought to reach the counters.  She loves nothing more than to share her passion for life and love through her delicious treats.  Bites and Delights makes a wide variety of baked goods, from cinnamon rolls and cookies, to cupcakes and squares.  They are best known for their small batch, hand-poured fudges, varying from traditional flavours like maple, to exciting new choices like strawberry lemonade and candy bar fudges.
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    bittersweettart  is a small batch from scratch wholesale baker and caterer in the business of creating pleasure one bite at a time. bittersweettart takes pride in crafting tarts, tray goods and treats that look good and taste even better using traditional methods, quality ingredients, a light hand, and lots of love. bittersweettart fare features puckeringly tart lemon and lime curds, mellow caramel, sumptuous  chocolate ganaches, silky pastry creams, marvelous meringues, and preserves made in her studio kitchen from Lindt and Callebaut chocolate, sweet unsalted butter, cream, whole milk, cane sugar, nuts, berries, hand pressed citrus juice, locally sourced farm fresh eggs, and seasonal fruit. Our products contain no transfats, added preservatives, or artificial flavouring. To see what Birgit is baking and to preorder visit her online store
    British Baked Goods logo

    British Baked Goods

    We started our family business in 1989 and have been at the market for 29 years. All of our baked goods we make oursekves from scratch using recipes from "the old country". We can accomidate any dietary needs. We also make an extensive line of gluten free products, which we have made since 1992.  
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    Brothers Brewing Company  logo

    Brothers Brewing Company

    Brothers Brewing Company is an art and experience focused beer brand founded by twin brothers Colton and Asa Proveau. The purpose, to use the medium of beer and the social experience of beer consumption to create and inspire.
    Burke Brothers Farm logo

    Burke Brothers Farm

    We promise to bring you the best produce available year round! We have been farming in Norfolk County since 1966. As our family grew and went on to greener pastures, we switched our focus from raising pigs and growing vegetables to a cash crop operation. However, we had developed a special bond with both our customers in Cambridge and our fellow farmers in Norfolk County and beyond. Since the mid-2000s we have been bringing the finest products we can find to the Cambridge Farmer's Market. Our special relationships and expertise have allowed us to go above and beyond when selecting top quality produce for our customers. We have long standing friendships with several Norfolk County growers, such as Dave White of White's Potatoes (potatoes & carrots), Charles Welsh of Welsh Brothers (sweet corn & asparagus) and John Shabatura of Shabatura Farms (tomatoes, peppers, & zucchini). While our focus is always on providing fresh, local produce, we also pride ourselves on being a year round outdoor vendor on the Cambridge Farmer's Market. As such, we have developed strong relationships with several importers of some of the finest produce available from the United States, Mexico and Spain. During the winter months, you can count on us to provide you with the best local has to offer, as well as the best the world has to offer when local is not available.   If you have any questions about any of our produce we will always answer honestly, and chances are, you will come away with more information than you thought possible   Visit thier online store to see whats in season and to pre-order what you need!
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    Carl's Choice Meats logo

    Carl's Choice Meats

    Carl's Choice Meats of Brantford has been consistently providing customers with 100% Canadian product since 1986! They sell fresh Canadian Beef, Ontaio Pork and Poultry, local cheese, milk and pickles and fine Deli and Smoked Meats They have award-winning bacon, ham and kielbasa. You have to check out their counter, winner of best-looking market counter in Ontario!  
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    Caudle's Catch

    Caudle's Catch is the Region's premier purveyor of fresh, frozen and live seafood. Products are soursed locally and globally. Caudle’s Catch Seafood imports product from around the world, including the United States, South and Central America, the Caribbean, Europe, New Zealand, and of course Canada. The east coast of Canada remains the most popular place for Caudle’s Catch to import products from, with favourites such as Atlantic salmon, cod, haddock, oysters, mussels and lobster. From the Great Lakes, Caudle’s brings in pickerel, lake trout, and white fish fillets. As a wholesaler, Caudle’s Catch Seafood distributes over 20,000 pounds of fresh and frozen seafood to stores and restaurants across Canada each week from their 14,000 square foot facility on Otonabee Drive in Kitchener. In addition, they recently expanded their retail operations to meet the demand of a growing and loyal customer base. Through their 3,000 square foot seafood superstore, and locations inside Vincenzo’s in Waterloo, plus the St. Jacobs and Kitchener Markets, Caudle’s Catch Seafood can deliver a broader range of products directly to their customers, at the best price.
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