Moo Free Beverages is a family run business.  Jennet made her own almond milk throughout university, then one day she made it for her family and they were instantly hooked. They were used to drinking store bought milk and the taste of homemade milk was so much better!

Everyone liked the freshness of the milks and kept on wanting more! So, Jennet decided that she should share the benefits of homemade lactose-free milks with everyone! 


Our products are 100% dairy-free, vegan and natural!  They are also completely free of any additives, thickeners, artificial flavoring and preservatives of any kind. 

But the best of all is that they are all freshly homemade in our certified kitchen so that when you get them in your hands they are the freshest, tastiest beverages possible.  We make all our milks the morning you receive them!


Allour mils are bottled in glass by a local manufaturer adn this allows as little waste or environmental impact as possible. 



Almond Milk

Turneric Milk

Coconut Milk

Oat Milk (gluten free)



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