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In Poland pierogi have been made since the thirteenth century.  The word pierogi appears for the first time in Polish literature in the second half of the 17th century which is the time when some of the first Polish cookbooks were published. In this distant past pierogi were exclusively prepared on and during the different holiday seasons. 

Traditionally considered 'peasant food', the exquisite taste of pierogi quickly spread across Poland throughout all social classes including nobles.  Outside Poland they are very popular in other European countries and quite common in the United States and Canada.

Our pierogies are 100% home hand made with carefully picked natural ingredients to reach the highest standard of the product on the market.

The unique taste and quality of our product will fully satisfy your taste buds. Our pierogis are Freezed Dry and packaged by the dozen in each package. The product requires to be cooked before consumption according to the cooking instruction included in the package. Experience taste of quality with our vast group of satisfied customers.